About Me

I work at Coventry City Council as a Programme Manager in the Public Health team. I lead work to reduce health inequalities – something I am passionate about – and this includes working across the Council and with other partners to improve the conditions that affect health, as well as commissioning specialist services such as drug and alcohol and sexual violence services for some of the most vulnerable residents in the city.

This is my first role in local government, having previously worked at national charity Marie Curie, and professional services firm Deloitte.

I will update my blog as I progress through the Local Government Challenge – a national competition run by the Local Government Association that sees aspiring chief executives compete in a series of real life challenges around the country (see http://www.local.gov.uk/lgchallenge)

I applied for the Local Government Challenge because I have always wanted to go on ‘The Apprentice’, but have also always wanted to use my skills and experience to do something meaningful and improve outcomes for people, rather than to make money for myself or for Alan Sugar! I am looking forward to visiting different local authorities up and down the country and developing my own skills, as well as bringing learning from elsewhere back to Coventry.

I am a competitive person (I always want to win!), but for me this isn’t just about winning the challenges and beating the other contestants – this is about developing solutions to real life problems, and creating something useful that can make a difference to people’s lives.


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